Customer reviews

We can spout all day and night about how good our food is, but it’s the recommendations form customer that really help showcase our food. From the usual heat seekers, to those trying out our wicked menu for the first time, customers seem to like our inspired range and variety.

Here is what some locals and regulars have said about the restaurant:

  • ‘You would think that a restaurant specialising in spice wouldn’t have a great grasp on drinks, but their cocktails are as good you’ll get at any major high end bar’
    -Jean, Attleborough Town Council
  • ‘I always get extra chillies and hot sauce when buying burritos, but my mouth came ill prepared to Lucifer’s. I asked for the fajitas extra hot and they did not disappoint. A definite thumbs up from me’
    -James, Visit Norfolk

  • ‘They might specialise in spice, but trust me when I say the steak is just about as good as yu can get in the area’

  • ‘Whatever you get, make sure at least you get those poppers on the side. They blow those fast food and freezer ones you’re used to out of the water’
    Liam, Diss

These are just a few thoughts. If you want to know what we’re all about, then come on down and sample what Lucifer’s has to offer.