Drinks List

We pride ourselves on serving some fantastic cocktails here at Restaurant Lucifer. And while our bartenders are experts at making the classics, here are some of the twists we love to put in to some drinks to give them an extra kick.

Red Mojito

  • Rum, mint, sugar, Sriracha salt, and lime juice combine to make a uniquely refreshing drink that will cleanse more than just your pallet.

Really Bloody Mary

  • The hangover classic gets a new spark of life here at Lucifer. We pop in more than a few splashes of tobacco sauce to give the drink a rather brazen smoky finish that works very well.

Green Russian

  • Don’t think that the milk will cause respite from the heat. We line the rim of this with Sriracha salt and garnish with some slices of green jalapeno.

  • Vermucho – A sharp blend of martini gin and vermouth in a Sriracha salt rimmed glass.

  • Bitter Margarita – Not so much the heat but the excess of lime and lemon will hopefully have you tensing up your lips and eyes watering after just one sip.

  • Madhattan- the classic whisky cocktail, only we swap out the bitters for something much more sharp.

  • Whiskey Howler- Take your traditional whiskey sour, pop in a half sliced jalapeno and you have yourself quite a sophisticated little cocktail

    (we’d like to thank Abbotts Estate Agents in Attleborough for this new addition to the menu)